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Professional Development


We work hard at Advance Learning Academy to provide a supportive environment for our faculty and students. We foster the professional development of our staff by providing them with ongoing training programs and enabling teachers to work with outside specialists to help constantly improve their practices. We want to ensure our students are benefiting from the most innovative methods and fresh ideas, while our faculty enjoys the satisfaction of continued growth and development in their field.


To ensure all of our teachers receive the support they need, we have Team Leads at all levels who serve as mentors. They meet with teachers to share best practices and discuss student progress and lesson plans.Our specialists also serve as a strong support network for our teachers, collaborating daily on their expert area of instruction, including academics, motor skills, behavior, and social development. These specialists may be seen doing observations in classrooms or simply talking with teacher to help provide guidance.  At Advance Learning Academy, we all work together as a team to ensure that all of our students get the very best education possible.  


Our teachers and specialists come to Advance Learning Academy with a love for teaching all students. All of our teachers are state certified and our support staff are highly trained and educated.  As they become part of our community, they learn to be part of a team that evaluates the needs of children and is adept at building a program for individual success. Barriers to learning are replaced with innovative instructional approaches that focus on a child’s strengths. 

We are fully committed to fulfilling our mission to provide an individualized element to every student’s curriculum.  Our staff are incredibly passionate about their students and this can be seen in their interactions both in and out of the classroom.