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Our lower school begins with our PreK 4 classroom and goes up to 5th grade.  These classrooms are multi-age/multi-grade to help provide the ideal balance of support and challenge at every stage.  Our students receive a curriculum that is common core aligned but our educators understand how to make a responsible curriculum responsive to individual students’ learning styles. We group students according to age, grade, emotional development, academic abilities, and social compatibility.

With art, music, physical education, yoga and a unique gaming special, students are able to express themselves through multiple means and take pride in their special talents. As our Lower School students become more independent, self-aware, and self-assured, they prepare for the growing expectations of Middle School.

Language arts/Reading

Our core curriculum for language arts/reading is common core aligned, engaging, and beautifully presented to inspire young learners.  We vary our instruction based on the needs of our students knowing that not all children will benefit from a single method. Our goal for all children is to get them to be strong, fluent readers, speakers and writers.  We have supplemental programs available to help those students who need them to succeed!  


Our school uses a common core math curriculum as its foundation for instruction, but our faculty is trained in multiple approaches to math instruction to ensure our students are prepared for the future.  Teaching includes hands on approaches and unique prompts to help students learn.  Our curriculum emphasizes comprehension, not just computation. Previously learned skills and concepts are continuously reinforced before a new skill is introduced. 

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum focuses on major themes in our community, country and around the world.  It is predominately integrated into our language arts and writing curriculum until our students are in their final years of elementary school when we dedicate a portion of our school day to the topic. Our teachers use a variety of projects to enable students to engage with the concepts and express their understanding in various ways.


Lower School students participate in an online, fun, informative, science curriculum.  Our teachers include hands on activities, offline experiments and STEM projects throughout the year. Our curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and covers areas including Physical Science, Inquiry, Life Science, and Earth/Space Science.


Technology is woven into the lower school at ALA. Our core language arts, math and science curriculum stream on our student iPads which allows for better access, improved motivation and really connects learners to the content they are learning.  Whether it’s improving basic keyboarding, developing beginning research skills, or exploring new learning applications, we realize the importance of embracing the latest technology.

Our teachers all have access to interactive white boards to help bring learning to life throughout the school day.  

Our Lower School