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Our Secondary School

Our Secondary School

In Secondary school, we expect our students to take a greater responsibility for their education and their actions. They collaborate closely with our teachers to set personal goals and expectations. Our small group and individualized instruction continues, with a focus on helping students build self-awareness and self-advocacy. All students need to be evaluated for admission into our secondary school program as it does have some differences when compared to our elementary school including class size/ratio, and how we structure our day.  While the specific books they read and the math problems they solve may vary, all Advance Learning Academy students build the fundamental skills needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond.


Students work independently and in groups to continue to improve their reading, comprehension, grammar, and writing skills.  Works of literature are introduced with strong support from teachers to encourage connection to our world today. Our teachers differentiate instruction to ensure all students are being challenged and learning with each activity. While the texts students read may vary, all students build on their reading, improving their language and vocabulary along the way.


In small groups and during independent work times, our students improve their math skills using our exceptional math curriculum.  Learning is enhanced by our teacher’s ability to support each student’s learning using innovative techniques, hands on activities and real-world examples.   Our goal is for all students to develop the fundamental understanding needed to achieve at their highest level.

Social Studies

Our secondary students become engaged in the world around them with an award-winning digital curriculum. From United States history to the history of the world, our students explore global cultures and ancient civilizations.  Our curriculum combines leveled text with interactive activities and videos to help students better understand what they are learning. 


Secondary students continue growing their curiosity while building a foundation in science using a strong aligned digital curriculum.  Our curriculum helps students learn important concepts and our teachers incorporate offline activities that emphasize language, math, writing, and comprehension skills (i.e., how to write observations, science experiments and give presentations).


As a 21st century school, technology is an integral part of our secondary school. All of our students are required to bring a personal device (iPad, small laptop computer) to use throughout the school day.  Our science and social studies curriculum are accessed through these devices.  Technology allows for better access, and improved motivation. It better connects learners to the skills we are targeting in class.  Whether it’s improving basic keyboarding, developing research skills, or expanding our learning using applications, we realize the importance of embracing the latest technology.

 Our teachers all have access to interactive white boards to also help bring learning to life throughout the school day.