140 Advance Point 

Maitland, FL 32751

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours?
Elementary School - Monday - Friday 8:45 am- 2:45 pm (except for Wed 8:45 am - 1:45 pm)

Secondary School - Monday - Friday 9:00 am- 3:45 pm (except for Wed 9:00 am - 2:45 pm)

What is your school calendar?
We follow the SCPS school calendar, but we do have a few extra days off. Please see our calendar on the website for details.

Do you offer before/after care for parents who need it?
Yes! Our extended day program begins at 7:30 am and runs until 6:00 pm.  

Does Advance Learning Academy have any clubs?
Absolutely.  As our school grows, we are continually adding activities and clubs based on our students’ interests.  This school year alone we have had lego, theater/music, kickball, art and STEM club.  Our clubs meet after school typically for one hour.  

Our Secondary school has Club Fridays which takes place during the final period of the day on Fridays (not afterschool).  Students can choose from a list of offered clubs and these clubs change every 9 weeks.  This allows our older students a chance to get engaged with new topics with their friends without extending an already LONG school day.  In addition to these Club Fridays, our Secondary school has hangouts afterschool that are scheduled about once per month on campus.  These are times where students can stay as a group with their teachers and just “hangout” together.  No formal club needed, as during this time of development, it is really more about socializing and having fun together.   

Do you accept students with special needs?
While Advance Learning Academy is not a school designed for children with special needs, we believe in the value of diversity and work hard to create space in each classroom students who are an appropriate fit for our program.  For a student to be admitted, they would need to be safe in a group setting, have strong communication and social skills, and able to work independently on assigned tasks.   

​Do you have a parent/teacher organization?
Yes.  We have our Advance Parent Teacher Organization (APTO) that meets throughout the school year.  They help set direction for our school and they assist in planning school functions and fundraisers.  We truly value our families and their input.  We consider our school a community of families all working together toward the shared goal of an awesome education.

What grades do you have in your school?
We serve children in PreK4 through 12th grade. 

What is your deadline for receiving applications?
We have a rolling admissions policy and accept applications throughout the academic year.

When can parents and guardians visit the school?
Tours of the school are available by appointment. Please contact our Office at 321-316-4860, so that we may assist you through our admission camp.

How many students are in each class? 
Our class size is limited to 12 students in our Elementary program and 16 in our Middle and High School programs. Each elementary class includes a lead teacher and an assistant teacher, allowing us to ensure a wealth of support and attention for each child. 

Once students transition into our Secondary program, we want them to work in a smaller class size, but now more independently to help prepare them.  We do continue to have resource teachers

What support services do you offer?
If a student requires any special services we do have access to a range of specialists including Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Behavior Analysts. When needed, these specialists join a child in class to work on goals alongside the child’s teachers.  Our team-based approach allows specialists and our expert faculty to collaborate in an ongoing fashion and ensure each child achieves his/her goals.

Do you offer financial assistance?
Advance Learning Academy strives to ensure tuition is not a deterrent for any student wishing to attend our school. With this in mind, we currently accept the following scholarships;

Family Empowerment Scholarship
Florida Tax Credit Scholarship
​​Hope Scholarship Program

If a family requires more financial assistance, we have some private foundation scholarships available through Advance Learning Foundation, www.advancelearningfoundation.org, our nonprofit foundation that works to help support families who need scholarships for tuition. 

Do you offer afterschool programs?  
Yes, we offer a dynamic Afterschool Program that enriches students’ lives with a broad variety of activities – from outside play to scientific exploration to art and even study hall – that keep children motivated and engaged after the regular school day ends. Our program is available for an extra fee Monday through Friday until 6pm. 


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